Recycling your used clothes

The trend today is to simplify our lives by living with less. People are finding that less is more. Having so much "stuff" weighs us down emotionally, takes up valuable space in our homes and apartments, and is difficult to keep organized and uncluttered. People are realizing that having a few nice things is better.

With Spring just around the corner, now is a great time to do some spring cleaning and go through your wardrobe. Just open your drawers and closets and look through what you own -- you will likely not use or wear even half of what you have.

Here are some tips on sorting through your clothing items to donate:

  1. Sort your clothes into four bins, boxes, or piles. Sections should include:

    FAVORITES These are clothes you wear most often and you absolutely love -- clothes you can't wait to wash or dry clean and wear again.

    LIKES These are clothes you like and wear sometimes. They're not your favorites, but you don't want to get rid of them because you wear them often enough to get some use out of them.

    OTHER These are clothes you hardly ever wear, or don't wear at all. Maybe they're too small or too big, out of fashion, or just aren't comfortable for you.

    TRASH These are clothes that are stained, ripped, discolored, stretched, or otherwise damaged so that they are not wearable.

  2. Place your favorites and likes neatly back in your drawers and closets and sit back and see how great you feel :-)

  3. Throw the "trash" pile away or use them for rags for cleaning your house or doing garage work.

  4. Decide what to do with the "other" pile. Some people take the time to have garage sales and mark all their clothes, then sit for hours and days selling them to others. Some people put them in their car and drive them to a charity location and drop them off. Another option for where to donate clothes is to take a picture of them and post them on the Forward platform.

Forward is an online community where you gather donations for your favorite charity by giving stuff away. Just download the app for iPhone or Android, create an account, post pictures of your clothing items with a price of what it's worth, and then wait for someone near you to request it.

The price they pay will be donated to the charity of your choice and you can feel great about recycling your unused items and helping charities at the same time.