Forward, the Danish Red Cross, and "Smid Tøjet"

Every year, the Danish Red Cross sets up a nation-wide campaign to get people to donate their clothes, called "Smid Tøjet" (drop the clothes). The donated clothes are then sold at the Red Cross' charity shops. The money from that sale is used to provide social help and help during emergency situations in developed and under-developed countries. With only 10 kg of clothes, the Red Cross can provide 2400 liters of clean water. With 1 ton of clothes, 40 families can be helped.

This year, a record amount of 1570 tons of clothes was donated, which will:

  • Buy 377 million liters of clean water, or
  • Feed more than 78 000 families for a month, or
  • Help more than 60 000 families that are victims of war or environmental disasters

You can read more about the project on the website:

This year's campaign ran from 11th until 23rd of April, and we wanted to contribute. So we got a player from FC Copenhagen to donate his jersey, and all the players on the team signed it. We had an auction and managed to raise 955 DKK (about 130 EUR). The winner of the auction was Carina, who made her son Oliver very happy!

Oliver is 12 years old, and he has been a fan of FCK for as long as he can remember. He goes to watch as many games as he can and especially cheers for Nikolaj Jørgensen, who is his favorite Danish football player. Oliver also plays football himself, and hopes to be a professional player someday. That FCK jersey sure suits you, Oliver!

Big thanks to the FCK Fanshop for their help, and to the Danish Red Cross for their cooperation.