Donating as part of your easter activities

There is a season for all things and the Easter season is about endings and beginnings. Why not use a physical practice to underscore the spiritual lesson? Innovative Easter activities that involve the whole family can renew your connection with spirit as well as humanity.

This year, why not introduce your family to the idea of releasing old things that are no longer useful? As winter comes to a close, it's a good time to let go of toys and clothes that are outgrown or simply never used. Or maybe you received duplicates at Christmas time and would like to share your extras with somebody in need.

Broken or worn out items go in the trash, but you probably have some things that are in pretty good shape or like new. Why not donate these items to charity?

There are two ways to go about giving items to charities. One is taking the items to a specific location for distribution but Forward offers a new way to give. With Forward, you can take pictures of the things your family is ready to release and upload them. When other browsers see things they could use, they select it and make a small donation. Forward gives that money to a charity to serve needy people.

This is a wonderful learning opportunity for children. Help them sort through their unwanted items this Easter Sunday to choose what somebody else might be able to use.

Spring is a time for renewal and growth. When you post your items, take some extra time to browse for things you may want to pick up for a small donation. It could be a brand new approach to the traditional Easter egg hunt, hunting for treasure and giving to others simultaneously.

Enjoy this Easter season with your family while you teach children to release and make room to grow.