Donate your used furniture

Sometimes you have used furniture that could serve someone else well, but you don't want to take the time to advertise it, have people come to your house to see it, and deal with payment details. Or maybe it's in good condition, but you don't feel it would be worth it to sell it.

Now there's a great option to donate your furniture that's as easy as taking a picture. Forward is an online community where you gather donations for your favorite charity by giving stuff away. This also means you can find very cheap second hand items on Forward.

Here's how it works: create an account with Forward. Then take a picture of your furniture and select its value. People can request it as soon as it's up on Forward, and you get to approve their request. The payment for the furniture is their contribution to the charity of your choice.

Charities vary by location and Forward is currently connected with charities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the United States. If your favorite organisation isn't listed, tell them to get in touch with us so we can set them up.

You can also post items other than furniture to contribute to charity through Forward. Basically you can donate anything you own that is in good enough condition to be useful to others. Books, clothes, toys, household items, etc.

Not only can you get rid of items on Forward, you can find stuff too. Browse the list of items near you, push the button to donate the amount, and contact the donor to figure out where to pick up your stuff. Forward is free to use and you can post as many donations as you want.