Donate books for charity

If you are a true book lover, you might be asking why would anyone want to donate books? The truth is, there are many reasons to find new homes for all those wonderful stories.

One reason is that you need the space. If you love to read, then you probably own a lot of books. Maybe you are saving them up because you want to read them again. Or maybe you are keeping them simply because you don't want to throw them out, and have no idea where to donate them.

Favorite books become friends and are often hard to part with. Unfortunately, they also take up a lot of space. Space that could be better put to use for other things, like ... new books :)

The sad fact is that buying new books can be expensive and just throwing these away feels like a shame. Finding people who would actually pay a little bit for your books feels much better. For people who are trying to build up their home libraries, used books in good condition are a real treasure. The great thing about sharing your books with people like this is that you know your loved ones are going to good homes. That means a lot.

What if there were a way to free up much-needed space in your home, share your favorite books with people who will love them just as much as you do, and help your favorite charity all at the same time? Sound too good to be true?

Well, there is just such a way. Gather up all those books, put them into collections if you'd like, and get out the camera. Post pictures of all the books you want to give to good homes and publish it on our Forward platform using your iPhone or Android device. The books will be available for others to buy for a small amount which will go to charity.

Soon your books will have a new home and all the profits go to your favorite charity. So, what are you waiting for?